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The Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet Youth Initiative

A youth employment project that aims to provide a unique employment opportunity for First Nation youth.

They enhance their interpersonal and ICT technical skills by working as interns to meet the needs of their school and communities.

As part of their training, they also attend a training session held in Winnipeg and meet other youth from across Manitoba who have the same interests in learning about technologies.

  • Web site design
  • Multimedia
  • Database development
  • Content development
  • Technical support
  • ICT mentoring

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Interested in participating?

Ready to dive into the world of technology? Join our youth initiative program and embark on an exciting journey of learning and innovation! Gain hands-on experience, work alongside industry experts, and tackle real-world challenges.

Who are eligible?

  • Be between the ages of 15-30 years
  • Be returning to school after completing the program, or have some post-secondary education
  • Indigenous descent and willing to work on reserve
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Not a recipient of Employment Insurance (once the position is accepted)

Prospective youth should have:

  • An interest in ICT and Community Development;
  • Computer knowledge or willingness to learn;
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills - ability to adapt to diverse environments and work with individuals from various age groups;
  • Ability to work independently as well as a member of a team;
  • Our YI are excellent in providing Basic Computer knowledge through our Training Program.

The youth intern role in the workplace

  • Help the community with their ICT and Internet to keep it running, or assist with the SchoolNet Help Desk by fixing minor problems;
  • Provide training to students, educators and community members with basic computer training;
  • Promote and Create awareness of the school computer lab and internet access;
  • Web Page Support for the Organization;
  • Participation within the Host Organization and Involvement in special events;
  • Offer technical support within the community by setting up and/or maintaining hardware and software;
  • Providing network troubleshooting;
  • Youth Interns are very important as they provide valuable assistance to the Administrator and/or the Computer Teachers in a school/ community organization.

Benefits you can gain

  • Participating Youth Interns received a wide variety of computer knowledge and skills that will benefit themselves and their community
  • Receive training by attending a Training Session held in Winnipeg, MB
  • Meet other Youth from all over Manitoba that have the same interests of learning about computer technology
  • Increased access to Information Communication Technologies (ICT) can help improve the employment opportunities for Indigenous Youth (65% of First Nation population in Manitoba are between ages of 0-30)
  • ICT offers positive learning opportunities for youth, providing alternatives that can enable youth at risk to avoid negative options
  • Access to ICT for Indigenous Youth will prepare them with the skills they need to fully participate in the 21st Century Global Economy


Quotes from our

Get ready to be inspired by the real-life experiences and succeses of our student participants! These testimonials offer a unique perspective on the postive real-world ICT skills and community experiences our students have gained.

"Who knew troubleshooting could be so thrilling? My work placement with the IT help desk exposed me to the fast-paced world of technical support. I see myself continuing to help my community with this type of support"

Jim S.

"I really felt like I was helping my community, while learning a whole bunch of different technologies and ways to use them. The Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet Youth Initative has been a life changing experience."

Matt B.

"I didn't know there were so many different opportunities in ICT that I could consider as part of my career path. Being able to experience so many different areas of technology has opened my eyes to the possibiilties for a career in ICT."

Dorthy M.

If your organization is interested in participating in our Youth Employment Program an application will be emailed to your community representative. For more info, please contact us at 431-222-3045 ext. 8004 or by email at:

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