My experience with schoolnet conferences was a good jump start for me to get back into to the networking trades, we all had a awesome time, first time using a "zoom" meeting too, we learned about outlooks Microsoft apps, word, excel, publisher. Also did a program called "Scratch" got some students into that at my location chemawawin school. We went to a building called "Computer 4 school" probably my best experience out of the whole organization hoping I could get a chance there whenever I live in the city.

The whole conference with schoolnet was the best experience for me, i really hope it is for you too. I plan to give a heads up to some future interns next year about school net 100% guaranteed!

Brent Wilson
Chemawawin MB

Working at MFNS as an intern was a great experience that brought understanding to a new line of work I wasn't familiar with and providing the ground work to progressing further with IT work in the future.

Nicholas Anstanen
Lac Brochet MB

The Manitoba school net program is a splendid experience. It has enabled me to take grasp at knowledgeable information, along with opportunities that will help me make decisive and quick decisions within the I.T field. I am very grateful for this program and how it helped me discover what path I would like to take within my career. I would like to thank KTC (Keewatin Tribal Council) and MFNSN (Manitoba First Nations School Net) for the opportunity and experience for this program.

Kyle Crate
Fisher River MB

This IT internship program really helped me out a lot, learning about computers soft and hardware managements, helping out the community schools and working, got to save up money as I got into a program because of this internship.. So thank you guys for this opportunity.

Cody Wood
Oxford House MB

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