Building technology knowledge and capabilities.

Empowering our people to participate fully in today's tech-driven world.

20 plus years of progress

Keewatin Tribal Council has been the MFNS service provider in the Manitoba Region since 2002.

Its mandate has been:

  • To facilitate broadband access by Indigenous communities on reserve to the world-wide-web.
  • Purchase hardware and software equipment.
  • Provide a modicum of help desk services.
  • Provide some element of professional consulting services.

This program provides crucial ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services and training for communities and youth by equipping them with the tools and knowledge to thrive in today's digital world.

Enhancing digital literacy

A collaborative approach with community leaders.

Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet's primary objectives:

  • Develop ICT education strategies with federally funded Indigenous schools and their communities.
  • Assist them with procuring ICT hardware and software.
  • Provide connectivity solutions and bandwidth subsidies.
  • Offer and expand opportunities for Indigenous youth.
  • Provide help desk support services to assist in local area network and connectivity problems.

Indigenous Schools

Services and supports

We provide essential ICT resources to ensure Indigenous communities have the infrastructure needed to integrate technology effectively into the learning environment to foster curiosity, enhance learning, and prepare students for the future.

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Network operations

  • Deployment and maintenance of routers.
  • Deployment of connectivity and network hardware.
  • Deployment and maintenance of video-conferencing units.
  • Monitor and maintain software and hardware.

Connectivity operations

  • Negotiate and secure legal agreements with ISPs.
  • Monitor and manage connectivity agreements and compliance.
  • Setup connectivity reimbursement schedules.

Help desk operations

  • Provide technical support.
  • Monitor issues, trouble tickets for timely resolution.
  • On-site service calls to the schools.
  • On-site training for supported activities.

Special requests

  • Online engagement
  • In-person public meetings
  • Consultation process and reporting
  • Representation at public hearings

Tomorrow's leaders

The Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet Youth Initiative

A youth employment project that aims to provide a unique employment opportunity for Indigenous youth.

They enhance their interpersonal and ICT technical skills by working as interns to meet the needs of their school and communities.

As part of their training, they also attend a training session held in Winnipeg and meet other youth from across Manitoba who have the same interests in learning about technologies.

  • Web site design
  • Multimedia
  • Database development
  • Content development
  • Technical support
  • ICT mentoring

Unleash your potential
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Quotes from our

Get ready to be inspired by the real-life experiences and succeses of our student participants! These testimonials offer a unique perspective on the postive real-world ICT skills and community experiences our students have gained.


The whole conference with schoolnet was the best experience for me, i really hope it is for you too. I plan to give a heads up to some future interns next year about school net 100% guaranteed! "

Brent Wilson
Chemawawin MB

"Working at MFNS as an intern was a great experience that brought understanding to a new line of work I wasn't familiar with and providing the ground work to progressing further with IT work in the future."

Nicholas Anstanen
Lac Brochet MB

"The Manitoba school net program is a splendid experience. It has enabled me to take grasp at knowledgeable information, along with opportunities that will help me make decisive and quick decisions within the I.T field."

Kyle Crate
Fisher River MB

Technology isn't just a tool, it's a catalyst for empowering learning and igniting student potential. Contact us today to learn how we can assist your organization and/or have your students participate in our Youth Initiative Program.

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