Supporting our communities

Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet has two (2) components.

1. Administrative Office

The administration office can assist you with information relating to the program and ongoing operations, and information regarding program funding support, etc.

2. Help Desk

The help desk is available to troubleshoot your ICT problems, mainly local area networks and connectivity related issues.

Through a dedicated team of experts and partners, we offer a range of services aimed at ensuring our communities leverage technologies to its fullest capabilities and enabling our communities to streamline administrative processes, manage resources effectively, and adapt to evolving technological trends.

First Nations Schools

Services and supports

We provide essential ICT resources to ensure Indigenous communities have the infrastructure needed to integrate technology effectively into the learning environment to foster curiosity, enhance learning, and prepare students for the future.

Network operations

  • Deployment and maintenance of routers.
  • Deployment of connectivity and network hardware.
  • Deployment and maintenance of video-conferencing units.
  • Monitor and maintain software and hardware.

Connectivity operations

  • Negotiate and secure legal agreements with ISPs.
  • Monitor and manage connectivity agreements and compliance.
  • Setup connectivity reimbursement schedules.

Help desk operations

  • Provide technical support.
  • Monitor issues, trouble tickets for timely resolution.
  • On-site service calls to the schools.
  • On-site training for supported activities.

Special requests

  • Online engagement
  • In-person public meetings
  • Consultation process and reporting
  • Representation at public hearings

Any requests for services listed above should be made to the help desk where a ticket will be created to track and service your school's request. For all other inquiries, Contact us today to learn how we can assist your organization.

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