20 plus years of progress

Supporting Manitoba Indigenous communities and youth with ICT services, supports and training.

Its mandate has been:

  • To facilitate broadband access by Manitoba Indigenous schools on reserve to the world-wide-web.
  • Purchase hardware and software equipment.
  • Provide a modicum of help desk services.
  • Provide some element of professional consulting services.

Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet provides Internet connectivity, technical support, consulting services and training to 48 Indigenous communities who administer federally funded education programs.

Enhancing digital literacy

A collaborative approach with community leaders.

Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet's primary objectives:

  • Develop ICT education strategies with federally funded Indigenous schools and their communities.
  • Assist them with procuring ICT hardware and software.
  • Provide connectivity solutions and bandwidth subsidies.
  • Offer and expand opportunities for Indigenous youth.
  • Provide help desk support services to assist in local area network and connectivity problems.

Continuously expanding

Program history

In December of 2002, the Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet project began as a collaborative initiative led by Industry Canada, in partnership with Indigenous community based federal education programs, the not-for-profit and private sector. The Initiative was part of the Federal Governments' High Speed Internet Connecting Canadians Program designed to connect the education system nationwide.

In April 2008, Industry Canada transferred the Connecting Canadians Highspeed Internet Program and funding to Indian and Northern Affairs Canada now known as ISC (Indigenous Services Canada). This fundamental shift in direction has enabled Indigenous community education programs to expand its service delivery model from "on reserve" to all band members regardless of residency. Canada's strategic plan was to improve the standards of education being delivered to Indigenous peoples.

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