Who are eligible participants?

Who are eligible participants?

Eligible youth participants must:


  • Be between the ages of 15-30 years
  • Be returning to school after completing the program
  • Be of First Nations descent and willing to work on reserve
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Not a recipient of Employment Insurance (once the position is accepted)

What are the youth required to do on work terms?

The responsibilities of the youth engaged include:


  • Implementing and maintaining the technical aspects of connectivity
  • Showing schools and communities the basics of ICT
  • Assist communities and Schools with their ICT needs

What are the schools required to do?

The participating school designates a volunteer supervisor, who throughout the term participates in the ongoing mentorship, direction and day-to-day supervision of a Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet Youth Intern. In addition to being accessible to the youth and Manitoba First Nations SchoolNet Program officials, supervisors should ensure the following:


  • Determine and follow a projected work schedule for the period of employment;
  • Act as a liaison between the MFNS Youth and the schools and community;
  • Assist the Regional Coordinator in verifying hours submitted by the youth interns;
  • Encourage youth interns to meet the programs objectives and activities;
  • Assist the Regional Coordinator in the mentorship and guidance of the youth interns throughout the term;
  • Participate in a Bi-Weekly teleconference with the Regional Coordinator;
  • Complete the supervisors report at the end of the period of employment.